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Their philosophy is simple, you don't have to leave Iowa to eat like you are in New York City. Cobble Hill is named after one of the local neighborhoods in Brooklyn, N. Our fine dining menu is chef driven.

We update our restaurant offerings based on two different principles: seasonality and availability of the local farmers market in Cedar Rapids, IA. Cobble Hill encourages sustainable food practice in our restaurant. All of our food is made from scratch, with our own unique local twist. Menu items include ingredients such as smoked popcorn grits, barrel-aged hot sauce jus, apples, and radish, just to name a few! Each meal is hand-crafted and will make for a memorable dinner!

Upon visiting our local restaurant in Cedar Rapids, IA, you will find restored brick walls that were once covered up by cinder blocks and salvaged wooden floors that were once laying in an old rundown barn. The restaurant tables are made from floor joists from the oldest home in Asbury, Iowa. When gazing the ceilings and walls, one can find 20th century appliances and vintage kitchen artwork.

Restaurant cocktails are inspired from the prohibition era and are made daily with freshly squeezed juices. The Schumacher's believe in small-batch liquor from craft distilleries. Be sure to ask about our bar program next time you stop into our Brooklyn inspired restaurant in Cedar Rapids, IA!

Follow Us x. Friends, we hope you are all well and taking good care out there. Stay well. So much love, Cobble Hill crew. View More. Follow us on Facebook:.Although they might share a coastline, they are very different places. For such a small city, there are numerous fun things to do in Cabo San Lucas to keep you busy. I visited Cabo San Lucas in February, as one of the first stops on my honeymoon. It was somewhere I added into our plans at the last minute, but this sleepy little town sure blew my mind.

Note: This article has been updated to reflect the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas inincluding updated costs, excursions and activities. Enjoy your trip to Cabo! The Sea of Cortez is one of the best places in this part of the world to get up close and personal with a mighty humpback whale, and you can jump on a whale watching tour straight out of Cabo San Lucas.

The best time to go to Mexico for whale watching is as early as November, but generally runs from December to April each year. We were lucky enough to spot a pod of 4 whales playing with each other and jumping in and out of the water several times. Seeing these whales in the wild is one of the most incredible things to do in Cabo San Lucas. Not for the faint of heart, the boats are tiny to ensure minimal disruption to the whales, so you will get wet!

The day also includes round trip transportation from your hotel, light snacks and bottled water throughout the day. On the other side of the island, Divorce Beach has hectic turbulent waves and you are advised against swimming on this side due to the unsafe conditions. Make sure to negotiate a time for them to come and pick you up. There are many different bars and restaurants in Cabo San Lucas that line the beach and offer you a beautiful view of the sunset.

To get away from the crowds, choose one of the smaller restaurants for friendly staff and super fast service. Mangos On The Beach is one of the most popular places to eat on the beach, well-known for its craziness and party atmosphere.

cabo dispensary

We decided instead to skip the party and grab a blue cocktail at Omega Sports Bar next door where everyone sits outside. This place has a sandy floor and cheerful staff who were kind enough to offer us colourful blankets to keep warm when the sunset and the air got a little cooler. Watching sunset with a cocktail is definitely one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas.

Medano Beach is the main beach in Cabo San Lucas. Always wanted to try jet skiing? Want to fly high above the land on a parasail? Feel like taking a leisurely kayak to the archway? The beach is also home to many beachfront bars and restaurants, where you can kick back and relax with a drink after a long day of adrenaline-pumping activities.

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They are tasty!Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has said that he doesn't approve of national legalization in his country, but that opinion might be changing. Although some activists are hopeful and working to change this conservative allotment, many believe that full cannabis legalization is what will help Mexico the most. Instead of jail time, those found in possession of substances are encouraged to enter treatment. CBD oil helped to drastically reduce her seizures and improve her quality of life, and so she became the first Mexican medical marijuana patient after a Supreme Court ruling in her favor.

With its new law, Mexico has joined a handful of countries that have federally legalized medicinal marijuana, along with Canada, Israel, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and Germany — though notably not the United States. How popular is cannabis legalization in Mexico? Mexico is a conservative country with 81 percent of the population self-identifying as Catholic. The Catholic Church has come out against pot, medicinal or otherwise.

One of their main arguments against legalization is that it will encourage teenagers to start toking up. But compared to the U. Up north, Americans have an opposite opinion of ending marijuana prohibition: 60 percent support full legalization according to a Quinnipiac Poll.

Legalization in the U. Is full legalization in Mexico possible? The momentum to legalize cannabis in Mexico is there, and no one has been more outspoken about this than former President Vicente Fox Quesada.

Fox is also working with Mexican politicians, like Fernando Belaunzaranon legalization efforts. Belaunzaran, a former congressman, has been a proponent for legalizing cannabis in Mexico since he proposed a bill for full legalization back in He also met with American activist and dispensary owner, Steve DeAngelo, on the matter during a recent visit to Oakland, California.

He was in the Bay Area because he was the keynote speaker at the National Cannabis Industry Association NCIA convention where he said that, one day, Mexico could produce up to 60 percent of all the legal weed in the U.

But more than a cash crop, Fox views ending prohibition as the best way to fight cartel violence in Mexico. Could legalization hurt cartels? There is a long history of drug trafficking, political corruptionand violence in Mexico that is all closely intertwined.

A study from the Justice in Mexico organization found that But even that is a hard number to estimate in a country where 30, people have been reported missing, and mass-graves of unidentified people are frequently found in the countryside.

Without that income there is an automatic reduction in their capacity to buy weapons, recruit teens, bribe politicians. So as we dial back the disastrous prohibition regime, cartels are forced like any business to downsize. They lose market, lose demand, reduce production and lose power to control territory and communities. Popular on Rolling Stone. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone. Arrow Created with Sketch.The discussion began with an off the cuff remark by the Federal Secretario de Turismo, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero and now has been put forward by the governor of the state of Baja California Sur, to make the recreational use and sale of marijuana legal in Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur.

Since the legalization of recreational pot in several US states has redefined the term 'party town' the Mexican tourist 'hot spots' may have to become 'pot spots' to keep up. The Governor, Carlos Mendosa has called for a sincere debate on the issue in the state legislator, stating that it would create significant state income and take one product away from the warring cartels. In the surging drug war left dead in the state.

The governor also pointed to the tax windfall experienced by the legalization in the US states. A group representing local business interests has opposed the idea, not wanting the region to develop that associated party-town image that Los Cabos has worked so hard to escape. The reigning party-town profiteers, bars, and restaurantsalso have voiced opposition to the marijuana trade would certainly be a vacation dollar competitor vs cervezas and tequila.

It is unclear if the move would be made by Federal mandate, local legislation or state referendum. Some conservative groups have already express objection, and since the current policies have proven totally ineffective, local opinion seems to be in favor of legalization from the perspective of taking a product away from the cartels.

The proposal is not clearly understood by the populace, who see the move as legitimizing a cartel business, rather than the reality of licensed growers and retailers as the successful US market has developed.

As a result, the man-on-the-street opinion is in opposition to legalization.

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A legalization proposal put forward could possibly resemble the north of the border models, with a significant state and federal tax and product only available through select licensed stores. Who would produce and provide the product has not been addressed. The state of Quintana Roo is located on the Caribbean side of Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula and is home to the east coast tourist destination of Cancun.

Mexico federally decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana inbut the with the eruption of the cartel war in Baja California Sur in the state passed more stringent laws. With this proposal, a new solution is now being considered, the complete liberalization of marijuana laws that could only work better. Skip to main content. Friday April 17 Search this site. Facebook Twitter.

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General Info Insurance for Mexico. Holidays Dia de la Bandera. Progress of the Corona Virus in Mexico Covid Dia de la Constitucion - Constitution Day, February 5. Baja California Sur in the Spring. Mexico and the Flow of Migrants. Semana Santa in Mexico. Restrictions for Anchoring in Bahia Balandra.

Usage Restrictions for the Espiritu Santos Archipelago. Best times to visit Baja California. Posted by Baja Insider on January 28, Legalization could make Cabo a Travel "Pot Spot".

The plan to legalize marijuana in Baja California Sur has not defined who would provide the product. Will we soon be seeing 'hootie cuties' on the beaches of Baja California Sur? How to Import Your Car into Mexico.Learn More. Find your Cabo adventure! Amazing air activities for all ages. Things to do in Cabo with Kids! Amazing family-friendly activities in Cabo!

Find your Cabo expedition for the whole family.

cabo dispensary

Outback Baja and more! Private tequila tasting in your villa by our tequila Maestro! Private, luxury transportation throughout Los Cabos. Off-road Cabo dune buggys in the Baja desert for the whole family! Private, professional trained bodyguards and security services. Chaperone or armed security.

Baja baby gear- strollers, cribs and play more! Get legal Cabo fireworks for your next event! For those that demand more, need assistance in acquiring items or services, with discreet privacy Pure Cabo is your only call in Cabo San Lucas. It's not wrong for travelers to be concerned about safety when coming to Los Cabos.

With news networks flashing headlines asking "is Cabo San Lucas is Safe," we've stepped in to provide some peace of mind when traveling to Cabo. History of Cabo San Lucas Valiant explorers aboard a majestic galleon and thrilling island adventures are elements for a hit ….

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe for travel? Going to Cabo Soon? Have a question about a service, booking, or about Cabo San Lucas in general? We're here to help! Cabo Adventures. Cabo Concierge Services For those that demand more, need assistance in acquiring items or services, with discreet privacy Pure Cabo is your only call in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Concierge Services. Is Cabo San Lucas Safe? Cabo Activities.

Things To Do in Cabo.What started as an impulse purchase after too many mimosas at a timeshare tour, has turned into a decade of travel.

This year, however, marks the first year Cannabess goes to Cabo. This trip started one week later than planned. Her passport? Three hours from us expired in a desk. Picture us at the airport around 5 AM being told we cannot board our flight. Lesson learned the hard way. Our actual trip to Cabo started out on the Goodship. Edibles, that is. I picked up a few of my favorites from Have a Heart in Greenwood.

cabo dispensary

I want everyone to know — I vote legal weed. I love to talk politics and have no qualms holding back. This hat provided ample opportunity to talk Trump, legal weed and voluntaryism. Like clockwork, Mom and I started our mornings with breakfast in our room or at the resort restaurant. Once there, we read books, napped, swam, sipped cocktails and applied our Lotionz. Around noon we placed orders for food, usually fish tacos. The colors are more vibrant. The sun feels warmer. Mom and I stocked up on silver at our favorite shop, Bling Bling.

This trip I purchased two new rings. I promptly lost one the week I got back to the States. We ate dinner at several of our favorite restaurants.

What better way to build an appetite than by puffing a little Gold Line?

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Daikoku sushi is dank for fresh fish at unbeatable prices. In fact, Mom and I have been known to eat here multiple times in one week. Seven days in Cabo San Lucas went faster than an eighth at a house party.

I am blessed to make such unforgettable memories with my mom and Mary Jane in Mexico. I love reading your articles. I was curious if you could give advice on how to pack edibles for a flight to Mexico?

Your email address will not be published. Where should Cannabess travel to next!? Share On Facebook Tweet It. I'm a Seattle-based cannabis photographer and shoot with a Nikon D When I'm not working I love to workout, wakeboard, snowboard or hang with my cat named Barry White. Cannabis Decade Recap December 31, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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